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|Worm Topic Meeting: Development, Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Barcelona, Spain
|Worm Topic Meeting: Development, Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Barcelona, Spain
|June 13th-17th, 2018
|June 13th-17th, 2018
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|Basel Worm Meeting, Switzerland
|Basel Worm Meeting, Switzerland
|March 1, 2018
|March 1, 2018

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Upcoming Meetings

<embedurl> http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=d6un9opku070sg8ngike6v4ki0%40group.calendar.google.com&color=%23A32929&ctz=America%2FDenver&width=800{width=800}{height=600} </embedurl>

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2018 Regional/Topic/Joint-Lab Meetings

WB Representative Meeting Name Date of WB Presentation Organizer,URL Meeting Note
Karen Yook Seattle Worm Meeting, monthly http://depts.washington.edu/gasgenes/projects/seattle-worm-meeting/ fourth Tuesday of every month in the UW Health Sciences Building (HSB) J-wing room 412 (map)
Daniela/Karen Bay Area Worm Meeting, UC Santa Cruz, annually Jordan Ward
Daniela Raciti, Karen Yook UCSF-wide worm lab meeting, monthly Jan. 18, 2018 Dengke Ma
Wen Chen San Diego Worm Club, monthly Jan 12, 4pm - 5pm, UCSD Jessica Sowa
Wen Chen Front Range Worm, Boulder, CO, annually May ?, 2018 http://wp.natsci.colostate.edu/frontrangeworms/
Wen Chen Midwest Area Worm Meeting April 7, 2018 https://hsseidel.github.io/MidwestC.elegansMeeting2018/ Hannah Seidel
Atlanta Area Worm Seminar, monthly Dave Katz
Daniela/Karen Florida Worm Meeting, annually TBD http://floridawormmeeting.weebly.com/
Kimberly & Wen New York Area Worm Meeting, annually?
Chris Grove Boston Area Worm Meeting, bimonthly https://www.umassmed.edu/ambroslab/meetings/bawm/ Cannot find contact info for the meeting; Chris looking into it
Chris Grove Worcester Area Worm Meeting, bimonthly https://www.umassmed.edu/ambroslab/meetings/worcester-area-worm-mtgs/ Chris emailed inquiring about a WB presentation (Oct 27, 2017); heard back on Oct 30: slots are filled for the coming year. Might be able to get a short third talk this year or a full talk next year.
Chris Grove Baltimore Area Worm Meeting, bi-weekly March 16, 9am - 11am, 2018 http://www.clfs.umd.edu/cbmg/joselab/BWC.html
Daniela/Karen(?) Fudan University, Shangai, China: Biocuration 2018 April 8-10, 2018 https://www.biocuration.org/community/conferences/international-biocuration-meetings/
Triangle Worm Group, North Carolina, bi-annually Bob Goldstein, http://celegans.bio.unc.edu/
Wen & Kimberly Ithaca Community Worm Club, Cornell Univ., bi-weekly Jun Kelly Liu
Wen & Kimberly Yale Worm Meeting, Yale Univ., bi-weekly Michael Koelle?
Wen & Kimberly Penn Worm Meeting, Philadelphia, weekly http://fangyenlab.seas.upenn.edu/pennworm.html
Worm Topic Meeting: Neurobiology, Madison, WI June 25th-28th, 2018
Worm Topic Meeting: Aging, Stress & Metabolism, Madison, WI June 28th-July 1st, 2018
Todd Worm Topic Meeting: Development, Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Barcelona, Spain June 13th-17th, 2018
Basel Worm Meeting, Switzerland March 1, 2018 http://www.fmi.ch/bwm/ Iskra Katic
Todd Asia Pacific Worm Meeting, Seoul, South Korea July 9th-12th, 2018

2012 Regional/Topic Meetings

  • Neurobiology Meeting
    14-17 June, Heidelberg, Germany
    Jean-Louis Bessereau, Gert Jansen, and William Schafer, Organizers

  • 5th East Asia C elegans Meeting
    27 - 30 June, Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan
    • Yi-Chun Wu (Taiwan): National Taiwan University
    • Akatsuki Kimura (Japan): National Institute of Genetics
    • Seung-Jae Lee (Korea): Pohang University of Science and Technology
    • Chonglin Yang (China): Chinese Academy of Sciences
    • Massimo Hilliard (Australia): University of Queensland
    • King L. Chow (Hong Kong): Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    • Chang-Shi Chen (Taiwan): National Cheng Kung University

Past meetings

Jan 5-8 GSA's "Genetic Analysis: From Model Organisms to Human Biology" meeting San Diego, CA, USA
March 29-Apr 2 European Worm Meeting Seville, Spain
June 11th-15th, 2008 Development & Evolution Topic Meeting Madison, WI
June 29th-July 2nd, 2008 Madison, WI Neuro Topic Meeting
August 3-6th, 2008 Aging, Stress & Pathogenesis Topic Meeting Madison, WI
June 27-July 1 16th International C. elegans Meeting University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Nov 16 The Genetics Society Autumn Meeting. New Horizons in C. elegans Research The Royal Society, London.
January 5-7 GSA Model Organisms Meeting
April 29-May 3, 2006

European Worm Meeting

May 24-26, 2006

EMBO Caenorhabditis Evolution Workshop

Summer 2006 Topics Meetings
June 22-25, 2006

Topics Meeting: Development & Evolution

July 9-12, 2006

Topics Meeting: Neuronal Development, Synaptic Function, and Behavior

June 25-29

15th International Worm Meeting

August 21-24

West Coast Worm Meeting

June 28-July 1

East Asia C. Elegans Meeting

June 11-13

Midwest Worm Meeting

June 11-13

East Coast Worm Meeting

May 22-25

European Worm Meeting

June 29-July 3

14th International Worm Meeting

June 14-16

East Coast Worm Meeting

June 28-30

Midwest Worm Meeting

August 6-9

The 3rd Japanese C. elegans Meeting

August 10-13

West Coast Worm Meeting