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Obtaining Worm Meeting Abstracts and Entering them into WormBase

  • From Andrei, Cecilia, and Kimberly:
    • The protocol for getting abstracts is this:
      • 1. Contact the organizers requesting abstracts in a parseable format
      • 2. They send us a format, Juancarlos looks at it and says if it is ok
      • 3. Eventually they send us the correct format
      • 4. Juancarlos parses them.
      • 5. Someone checks the sample Juancarlos generated for possible parsing errors
      • 6. Juancarlos fixes errors (if any) and reads the abstracts in postgres.
    • International Meetings
      • We already got the files for the two previous international meetings in similar formats, so i think they know what format we want.
    • Paper Type
      • Every paper in WormBase is associated with a Paper_type, a unique text string designating what type of paper this is, e.g. ARTICLE, REVIEW, COMMENTARY, etc.
      • The full list of Paper_types is viewable from the paper editor. You have to enter a WBPaper ID to get to the page where you can see the list of paper types.
      • For meeting abstracts, both oral presentations and poster presentations are assigned the Paper_type "MEETING_ABSTRACT".
    • References Cited within Abstracts
      • References associated with abstracts are included as part of the abstract.