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About Groups at WormBase

WormBase uses Google Groups to unite all of our mailing lists in a single place. You can find a list of all WormBase mailing lists at:


Public Mailing Lists

WormBase Announcements

announce@wormbase.org - archives, subscribe

Announcements of general interest to the community, including new features and data releases (low volume).

Help & Feedback

help@wormbase.org - topics, subscribe

Where to send requests for help, including a searchable archive. Although this is an unrestricted mailing list, heavy filtering is used to control the amount of spam passing through the list.


dev@wormbase.org - topics, subscribe

Technical discussions among the WormBase developers and interested parties (high volume). Subscription by invitation.

Internal Discussion Groups

The following groups are open only to member of the WormBase Consortium.

WormBase Staff

staff@wormbase.org - topics, subscribe

This is the primary discussion group for internal project discussion. Only subscribers can post and view the archives. Subscription restricted to members of the WormBase Consortium.

Data Models

models@wormbase.org - topics, subscribe

Technical discussions among the WormBase developers regarding the data model. Only subscribers can post; archives publicly available. Subscription by invitation.

Sequence Curation

seqcur@wormbase.org - topics, subscribe

A private discussion group for the sequence curators at WormBase. Only subscribers can post and view the archives.

Gene Names

genenames@wormbase.org - topics, subscribe

A private discussion group used by curators for the assignment of new gene names. Only subscribers can post and view the archives.

Center-specific lists

Each site has their own discussion group. These groups can be contacted by anyone; their archives are private to the wormbase.org domain.

oicr@wormbase.org - topics; The web development team at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

hinxton@wormbase.org - topics; The build and analysis team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

caltech@wormbase.org - topics; The literature and large-scale data curation team at the California Institute of Technology.

stlouis@wormbase.org - topics; The sequence curation team at Washington University, St. Louis.

Creating your own discussion group

With a wormbase.org account, you can create your own discussion group. See the Groups index page for details. This is great for one-off projects requiring email discussion.


Archives prior to November 2010

Archives prior to December 2007