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June 13 2017



  • poster: final version [[1]]. Please look at it by Wednesday June 14th, will print Thursday June 15th.
  • Booklet- we sent final edits to Nick- he will leave tomorrow morning. If you have anything to bring up do it asap

To print (Daniela will do)

  • Poster
  • Banner (need to generate high res images). Banner example [[2]]. Do we need to ask a professional designer for final logo design? (after the IWM)
  • Changed: capital M in 'micropublication:biology' for banner - will change on the site
  • 15 color copies of each micropub (double sided). We have 9 micropubs.
  • Signup form for people to leave their contact info

Lanyards (Karen will do)

Workshop presentation

  • Will work on it this week and send out by Friday for review


  • We plan on giving out one 20$ amazon voucher every day (at the end of poster sessions) for people that will try out the form:
  • shall we start advertizing it on the blog this week?
  • if so, shall we add the following at the beginning of the form:

'Anything submitted from now will be entered into a drawing at the IWM for a 20$ amazon gift card. Test submissions will also be entered, check here (checkbox) if you enter only test data.'

  • We added info on the booklet on when prizes will be announced (at the end of the poster presentation)


  • they will present a poster at their booth in Budapest - we gave them ours as an example


Instructions for authors

  • Started incorporating on the site. Would a structure like [[4]] work?
  • do we need detailed guidelines like the ones [[5]]?
  • Disclaimer: 'I/we declare to the best of my/our knowledge that the experiment is reproducible, that the submission has been approved by all authors, and that the submission has been approved by the laboratory’s Principal Investigator [include the email address of the PI]. The author(s) declare no conflict of interest.'
  • Will talk to Juancarlos and see if better to pull out the PI's e-mail address from the laboratory class or if better they specify it


  • We will need to change the site from Weebly to something else (Wordpress, Open Journal System, or anything else?)
    • Better for content management (Scaling up)
    • Management of DNS records
    • We can discuss it in person at the IWM but wanted to bring it up (Todd's input immensely appreciated)

Shall we have another meeting before the IWM?

  • Daniela will fly out next Tuesday


  • Paul working with Kristen on pitch for Arnold.
  • Still waiting to hear on U01


  • have two sets of full glossy printouts of pdfs - display in binder at the table in sleeves
  • lanyard with different stickers, these will be special, not everyone gets one, community only gets them if they participate somehow - one sticker for both authors and reviewers - I micropublish
  • advertise on the blog, but do not allow raffle submissions until the meeting starts
  • will post the booklet cover
  • only print ~600-800


  • ZFIN meeting July 3-7
  • Paul will let us know what slides and info he needs, he will push Micropublication hard at the meeting. Make sure he has the booth number, raffle information, etc.
  • how do we work with other communities, we need to avoid the notion that micropublication is more than just a database curation tool. paul will clarify the message
  • Daniela will bring in Xenbase, will talk to grad advisor
  • expansion to API tools such as genomic tools like Apollo and Galaxy - perhaps a different journal Micropublication:genome analysis for example.

author instructions

  • Tim happy with Author instructions and over all structure of the page is fine
  • add request for feedback in Author acceptance letter
  • leave out detailed submission form instructions
  • good for PI to get the e-mail upon submission
  • form already has instructions for people with no laboratory designation, Tim: discuss genenames list. may need to have a micropublication specific genenames e-mail? or fix e-mail to be filtered
  • will add acknowledgement to submission form


next meeting?

no, unless there is a major disaster

  • Tim traveling starting Thursday, so won't be available for feedback
  • we will be getting feedback from WormBase

June 6 2017



  • Booklet: Wenlan needs feedback asap, prices will go up, the designer needs our input to move forward
  • Banner: should we have a banner to put on the table booth? Shall we have an extra poster instead? The banner could be a cheap paper one

Content of a micropub

  • we recently discussed (Karen, Tim, Daniela) if an engineered allele (or an antibody) could be micropublished per se or if it needs to be part of an experiment (e.g. antibody to determine protein localization for an expression pattern entry).

Publisher issue

  • As per Joan Starr reply we will change the publisher to Micropublication:biology
  • Will edit previous submissions


  • Knudra micropub online -we are just waiting for a high res picture to replace the existing one

Phenotype Submission form

  • We are working with Juancarlos on the form, might be ready next week


IWM booklet

  • keep the worm (e-mailed nick)
  • cheap banner(daniela will print)

Content of a micropub

Tim: we need to have a validation that the experiment does something biological


  • if it’s an allele that has a previously published with phenotype -> it is ok to micropublish the sequence
  • if it’s a new allele with no phenotype they have to submit the phenotype through the phenotype form.

see general discussion below:

mitani: if mitani alleles are lethal or viable it’s useful information
Karen: Knudra strains: gene replacements submission has allele and phenotype
one was the construct itself because there was a gel showing the deletion.
Paul: as long as it has content it’s fine
Tim: for knudra is a commercial entity -> advertisement
shall we set a rule academic vs non academic

2 different submission forms: one for commercials and one for academics, 
Todd: scientific standards should be the same. Distinguish from a commercial entity

Paul: same standards -> they don’t need to add more data but they have to pay. There should be a disclaimer -> paid publication
Tim: Micropublication biology does not endorse specific companies. Set a higher bar for everyone else.

"Publication in Micropublication:Biology does not imply endorsement of the products or reagents describe within."

Instruction for authors

  • we should have instruction for authors (Daniela and Karen will work on it).


  • Todd: standardize if calling it micropubs or upubs
  • look at the website and improve (Karen, Daniela, and Todd will meet this week to discuss)
  • instruction for authors ready to go before the meeting
  • mailing list (DNS records) Daniela & Todd will talk

Website stats

  • Number of visitors still increased- 241 unique/week, 682 page views