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All meetings: WebDev Issues Meetings

Tuesday Aug 27th, 10:30am, 5th floor kitchen

Current issues


August Issues

  • #741- lineage browser
  • #1647 - sequence summary addition
    • PLEASE add 'Under testing' label to all changes committed to staging!!

  • #1286 - cytoscape legend
  • #1082 - transposon family summary pages
  • #1602 - sequence summary
  • #1511 - remove links to non-curated species strains


  • #1114 - start_not_found/stop_not_found

Intermine Documentation

fully document process of installing, building and launching webapp.




Test suite updates

Current Issues

  • #885

RNASeq expression feature request Hinxton Webteam UI-data display

  • #1676

Content Correction: I am comparing the spliced +UTR and... bug HelpDesk Webteam UI-data display Under testing

  • #910

Test GFF3 and update species still using Bio::DB::GFF to Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store administration gbrowse Webteam

  • #1586

Bug Report: the URLs in the Downloads widget of... HelpDesk Webteam UI-data display Under testing

  • #1662

modENCODE GBrowse wiggle plot tracks not showing up on staging gbrowse Under testing

  • #1517

Bug Report: Hi,

I'm getting a bunch ... gbrowse bug HelpDesk

  • #737

Increase the default modENCODE GBrowse track height gbrowse Webteam UI-data display Under testing

  • #909

Standardize GBrowse configuration (when possible) gbrowse Webteam

GFF3 loader


  • GFF3