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All meetings: WebDev Issues Meetings

Tuesday July 9th, 10:30am 5th floor kitchen

Completed issues

  • Curatorial history table #1141
  • PolyA site #628

Work in Progress

Process Pages

  • Cytoscape / Wikipathways progress
    • #337
    • #1415
      • JD: research cytoscape viewer, embedding
      • will talk to KY about wikipathway integration


  • Is the test I made okay??!?
  • should be making tests for each issue


  • Survey
    • Survey Worm Community for genome browser features
  • track ordering #1523
    • minor - Kevin will sort it himself
  • wants to introduce bioproject ids to config - JB

New Issues


  • Dual display - species wiht mult bioproject ids

Lineage browsing

Restore Reagents link


  • JD - all next week