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36 issues:
36 issues:
[https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/assigned/acabunoc?direction=desc&sort=updated&state=open acabunoc]
[https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/assigned/acabunoc?direction=desc&sort=updated&state=open acabunoc]
= Intermine Dev Call =

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All meetings: WebDev Issues Meetings

Tuesday July 16th, 10:30am 5th floor kitchen


Unit Testing

    • TODO: integrate with our development workflow

Current Issues


  1. 1564
Expected URL: http://www.wo... UI-app behavior HelpDesk Webteam blast/blat
  1. 1410

GBrowse data source and/or conf files should probably include Bioproject ID UI-app behavior gbrowse Under testing

  1. 1130

GBrowse shows "2 regions match your request" even though those regions are identical gbrowse feature request Webteam Under testing

  1. 1356

Testing WS238 Gbrowses gbrowse Webteam UI-data display

  1. 1503

Merged BLAST search for species with multiple BioProjects gbrowse feature request Under testing

  1. 1529

GBrowse configuration files broken gbrowse bug Webteam Under testing

  1. 909

Standardize GBrowse configuration (when possible) gbrowse Webteam

  1. 910

Test GFF3 and update species still using Bio::DB::GFF to Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store administration gbrowse Webteam


36 issues: acabunoc

Intermine Dev Call