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All meetings: WebDev Issues Meetings

Thursday June 13th 10:30am, Location: 6th floor Kitchen

Logging in to Intermine


  1. create accounts on behalf of users, store permanent token (currently, only 24 hour token available through REST)
  2. ask users to add Google account, log in behind the scenes openid. (use same realm for wormbase & wormmine for only one authentication)
  3. PAM?


  • run through testing template
  • RESTful API tests
    • don't have to know system itself
    • to implement new tests:
      • copy template file, make new tests
      • write tests same time you resolve an issue

Now looking at API tests

  • Test::More


  • Tests
    • acceptance tests
    • matching counts
    • none of them passed (small % difference)
    • use cases seem fine!
  • working on issues - milestone over 50% completed!
    • ~50 solved, ~50 open
    • FASTA loader working
  • curators have deadline - next week
    • description + summary fields
    • Gary - suggested new filters
      • build will take less time
  • development machine!

WS238 issues

  • going through these now. WIll have a list for the meeting.