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All meetings: WebDev_Issues_Meetings

Thursday April 16th, 10:30am, JD's desk

Code review

no items for code review

Questions on issues in progress

Cytoscape walkthrough

  • review progress on the following:
    • distinguish between interactions associated with the process and 'nearby' interactions
    • add display of molecules/other types of data connected to the process (not just gene)
      • use cytoscape config so they will display differently from genes

TODO: will continue working on 'nearby' interactions and display of other data types

741: Cell lineage browsing using Cytoscape?

issue #741

  • not working on this till after we've brought Cytoscape into Process page

Triage new issues


870: Full history not being shown for some dead genes

issue #870

  • address Paul's comments

TODO: comment on issue - production is probably cached.