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Tuesday Oct 8th, 10:30am, Food court


Status (AC)

Intermine (JW)

  • all sources ran successfully
  • mine build - no post-processing
    • generating dna sequences having trouble


Visualisations (JB)

  • Gary feedback - will add species/strain/lifestage/etc...
    • will be included in analysis name
    • will be in Ace
  • will work on sorting and display

Issues (JW)

  • #1603 - Pseudogene page
  • #741- lineage browser
    • delivered to Chris - waiting for feedback
    • might be production ready
    • adopt styles (rounded corners)
  • #1602 - sequence summary
  • #662 - Variation display

Intermine Training (JW, JB)

  • going through documentation
    • updating as he goes through
  • biggest issues - doesn't have a machine right now
    • dev machine busy
    • looking at copying database


  • on hold till WS240

GBrowse tests

  • regenerated reference set
    • everything fine but tier II or III species