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First-Pass a paper

Access papers on the WBPaperEditor page
If you are curating from home, you will need login and password access to tazendra, which you can get from Juancarlos.

Pick a paper and access the curation form

  • Go to
  • Choose your name
  • Scroll down the page and select "Not Curated Plus Textpresso!" The body of these papers have passed through Textpresso and should report all found datatypes in the automated pipeline in the appropriate fields.
  • You will have a choice of options for sorting the list of papers. Check the box to see the papers in that category or combination of categories.
  --->C	  The paper has not been first passed by a curator. 
  --->	T	  The paper has been through textpresso. 
  --->	A (blue)  The paper has been first passed by the author. 
	A (cyan)  Author has been emailed to first pass but has not replied. 
	A (red)	  Author has been emailed to first pass in the past 7 days and has yet to reply. 
	M	  Meeting Abstract or Gazette Abstract.
	R	  Review 
	W	  WormBook 
	I	  Ignore functional annotation or non worm 
	N	  iNvalid paper 
By default, C and T have been checked, so you will be presented with a pre-sorted list.
These papers have been through textpresso but have not necessarily been first passed by the author.  
You should check blue A as well, so that you can see the papers that have been first passed by the authors.  
If there are not enough blue A papers, the next group to look at are the C, T and cyan A papers.  
These papers have been sent out to the authors more than 7 days ago and hence for all practical 
purposes, are considered ready for curator first-passing.  If you finish first-passing the paper 
and send the flags out, the author will get a message that the paper has been first-passed and 
they will not need to do anything further.  
  • Pick a paper and select "Curate!"
* Access the curation.cgi from the WBPaperID page itself
* Select the WBPaperID from left column to take you to the paper page-- ONLY SELECT PAPERS FROM WBPaper0030000 AND LATER
* Select first-pass curate
Note: the paper pdf can be accessed from the paper page along with supplemental materials.
Either action takes you to the curation.cgi (SEE BELOW)

New firstpass curation.cgi

  • For each data type you can check the box or enter text:
    • Check the box = a '"yes" is entered in to the field
    • Enter text = the text is recorded
  • E-mail is set for default send if there is a "yes" (from a check) or text in the data type flag box.
  • When done, you can see the preview of the submission, by selecting "Preview!"
    • If acceptable, Select "Flag!" and flags will be sent to data curators.

Saving data: In the old form it was possible to save your curation job in case you needed to step away. At the moment that is not set up. However, if you have been working on something and need to leave, you can just send the flags that already exist. When, if you want to finish a paper, when you go back to the curation form, just make sure that you tick the send buttons for any new flag you want to send.


  • Author first pass flagging data is entered immediately from when the author hits 'flag!' from their form.
  • Textpresso data is scanned for daily at 3am and entered into postgres on tazendra at 4am.

Adding new gene paper connections

You can add gene paper connections through the WBPaper editor page. You can search directly for the paper on this page or you can access the paper by hitting "DISPLAY ALL!" and choosing the paper from the left column link. You will be taken to a summary page for the paper, which at the bottom of the page gives you an area to confirm or add new genes associated with that paper.

Possible New Flags

  • Host-Pathogen Interactions
  • Behavior
  • Ecology
  • C. elegans as disease model
    • For example, C. elegans overexpressing the human amyloid beta peptide. See WBPaper00032486 for an illustration.