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INDI (Interesting, Not-yet-modelled Data Index) is a collection of data types that are of significant scientific value pending a proper data model to allow annotation.

Chemical Site of Action

  • WBPaper00041675 Ca++ affects AWC-ON/OFF cell fate determination. By clamping intracellular Ca++ levels in specific cells using a human calcium-buffer protein, it was demonstrated that Ca++ has autonomous as well as non-autonomous roles.

C. elegans used as heterologous expression system

  • WBPaper00041951 Characterization of heat shock protein 70 gene from Haemonchus contortus and its expression and promoter analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Laser ablation in P. pacificus

  • WBPaper00027138 Laser ablated Z1 and Z4 and assayed SM migration.

Mitochondrial / nuclear mosaics

  • WBPaper00044860 A transmitochondrial cybrid worm strain, chpIR (M, CB4856>N2), was bred as homoplasmic for the CB4856 mtDNA genome in the N2 nuclear background. The cybrid strain also displayed significantly increased CIV activity, demonstrating this difference results from the mtDNA-encoded p.A12S variant.