How to build a frozen release

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Configuring VMXs as hosted frozen releases

To use a Virtual Machine as a server, a few small modifications need to be made.

1. From the VMWare Server console, launch the current server core virtual machine (it should be running)

2. Set a static IP (must be assigned!)

In this example, the guest OS IP is This should be changed to whatever your assigned IP address is.

ifconfig eth0:0 netmask broadcast
route add -host dev eth0

You can also do this from the GUI if you prefer, under System Settings -> Network. Double click on the network adaptor.

Address:  Your assigned IP address
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
Broadcast host: (not explicitly set in the GUI)

3. Reset the MAC ID of the guest

System Tools > Network

Double click on the network adaptor and select the "Hardware" tab. Click on "Probe", then "OK"

4. Add the following lines to /etc/resolve.conf for DNS


5. Set the hostname

This can be done either in the GUI under the Network panel, or using the following command line terms.

If you have a static IP address, then /etc/hosts is configured as follows:	           localhost.localdomain      localhost
143.488.220.44	mybox

After updating the /etc/hosts file correctly, the "hostname" command should be run as follows to set your hostname:


6. Edit /usr/local/wormbase/conf/ and httpd.conf with the appropriate hostname

8. Shutdown the virtual machine and copy it as a backup

I append "server" to the name to indicate that it is configured as a server

  tar czf wormbase-WS100.2003.05.13-server.tgz wormbase-WS100.2003.05.13