How WormBase writes a concise description

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Writing a concise description for a C. elegans gene

Key facts captured in a concise description:

  • Molecular identity
  • Orthology
  • Process/Pathway
  • Genetic interactions
  • Physical interactions
  • Function/Molecular Activity
  • Tissue Expression
  • Sub cellular localization

Molecular identity
<Gene> encodes .....;
<Gene> is (drop down with values:orthologous,similar) to .....;
<Gene> is (drop-down with values:
required,functions,regulates,is involved in,is part of) .....;
(Sentence needs to be cloned if required)
Genetic interaction with respect to Process or Pathway
<Gene> interacts genetically with (drop-down with ontology:WBGenes) with 
respect to ........;
Physical interaction
<Protein> physically interacts (drop-down with values: invitro, invivo) with 
(drop-down with proteins);
Molecular Function
<Protein> has (drop down with ontology:GO molecular function) or ………  activity;
Tissue Expression
<Gene/Protein> is expressed in …………and expression in (drop-down 
with values: positively, negatively) regulated by .......;
Cellular Component/sub-cellular localization 
<Protein> is localized to (drop-down with ontology:GO cellular component) 
or .......and expression in (drop-down with values:
positively, negatively) regulated by (drop-down with proteins)