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The Help Desk officer is in charge of ensuring that emails to wormbase-help are responded to in a timely manner, preparing the agenda for the conference call, and acting as moderator during the call. Date refers to first day of duty and coincides with the conference call.


As of 2008 01 31 conference calls will be monthly, but Help Desk duties will split into 2-week cycles.

2007 Officers

?? 04-Jan-2007

Will Spooner 25-Jan-2007

Darin Blasiar 15-Feb-2007

Mary Ann Tuli 8-Mar-2007

Anthony Rogers 29-Mar-2007

Paul Davis 19-Apr-2007

Payan Canaran 10-May-2007

Todd Harris 31-May-2007

Ranjana Kishore 12-July-2007

Phil Ozersky 2-Aug-2007

Raymond Lee 23-Aug-2007

Erich Schwarz 13-Sep-2007

Kimberly Van Auken 4-Oct-2007

Andrei Petcherski 25-Oct-2007

Igor Antoshechkin 15-Nov-2007

Wen Chen 6-Dec-2007

Juancarlos Chan 27-Dec-2007

2008 Officers

Cecilia Nakamura 31-Jan-2008

Hans-Michael Mueller 14-Feb-2008

Xiaodong Wang

Tamberlyn Bieri

Michael Han

Gary Williams


Daniel Wang

Norie de la Cruz

Gary Schindelman