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The Help Desk officer is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that emails to wormbase-help are responded to in a timely manner
  • Preparing the agenda for the conference call
  • Acting as moderator during the call.

User requests should be:

  • Replied to within 48 hours of a business day by a staff member with expertise in that area.
  • if not, the Help Desk officer should:
    • Send a reminder email to the Help Desk, cc:ing the user, if it's not a web dev issue.
    • or Write a github ticket for web dev issues and reply to the user. (The url to the ticket can be provided as it's an open resource)

Help Email Archive

To view the Help Desk Archives click here (requires login and password): Help Desk Archives


Issues should now be submitted to the respective Bug Tracker on GitHub (

A guide on using github.

Github Helpdesk Working Document


When handing duties to the next officer, a summary of unanswered issues should be passed on in an email.


Help Desk is a rotation, everyone serves once, then it loops again keeping the same order.

Any new people get inserted between the current officer and the end of the queue.

If anyone needs to be inserted somewhere in the middle of the existing schedule, please keep the dates matching with the rotation order (email Juancarlos if you don't want to line up all the dates yourself).

The current queue is : Xiaodong Wang, Tamberlyn Bieri, Michael Paulini, Gary Williams, Daniel Wang, Gary Schindelman, Todd Harris, Ranjana Kishore, James Done, Paul Davis, Abigail Cabunoc, Chris Grove, Phil Ozersky, Kevin Howe, Daniela Raciti, Yuling Li, Karen Yook, Raymond Lee, Kimberly Van Auken, Wen Chen, Juancarlos Chan, Cecilia Nakamura, Mary Ann Tuli, JD Wong.

PIs are not on the roster. Michael Mueller is handling all textpresso-help emails.

2013 Officers

Date refers to first day on duty.

Date Curator Agenda/Minutes
2013-01-07 Gary Schindelman Conference call Minutes
2013-01-21 Todd Harris
2013-02-04 Ranjana Kishore
2013-02-18 Daniela Raciti
2013-03-04 Paul Davis
2013-03-18 Abigail Cabunoc
2013-04-01 Chris Grove
2013-04-15 Phil Ozersky
2013-04-29 Kevin Howe
2013-05-13 James Done
2013-05-27 Yuling Li
2013-06-10 Karen Yook
2013-06-24 Raymond Lee
2013-07-08 Kimberly Van Auken
2013-07-22 Wen Chen
2013-08-05 Juancarlos Chan
2013-08-19 Cecilia Nakamura
2013-09-02 Mary Ann Tuli
2013-09-16 JD Wong
2013-09-30 Xiaodong Wang
2013-10-14 Tamberlyn Bieri
2013-10-28 Michael Paulini
2013-11-11 Gary Williams
2013-11-25 Daniel Wang
2013-12-09 Gary Schindelman
2013-12-23 Todd Harris
2014-01-06 Ranjana Kishore

2012 Officers

Date refers to first day on duty.

Date Curator Agenda/Minutes
2012-01-09 Tamberlyn Bieri
2012-01-23 Michael Paulini Conference call Minutes
2012-02-06 Gary Williams Conference call Minutes
2012-02-20 Daniel Wang Conference call Minutes
2012-03-05 Gary Schindelman Conference call Minutes
2012-03-19 Todd Harris Conference call Minutes
2012-04-02 Ranjana Kishore
2012-04-16 Paul Davis Conference call Minutes
2012-04-30 Abigail Cabunoc Conference call Minutes
2012-05-14 Chris Grove Conference call Minutes
2012-05-28 Phil Ozersky Conference call Minutes
2012-06-11 Daniela Raciti Conference call Minutes
2012-06-25 Kevin Howe Conference call Minutes
2012-07-09 Yuling Li Conference call Minutes
2012-07-23 Karen Yook Conference call Minutes
2012-08-06 Raymond Lee Conference call Minutes
2012-08-20 Kimberly Van Auken
2012-09-03 Wen Chen Conference call Minutes
2012-09-17 Juancarlos Chan Conference call Minutes
2012-10-01 Cecilia Nakamura Conference call Minutes
2012-10-15 Mary Ann Tuli Conference call Minutes
2012-10-29 Xiaodong Wang Conference call Minutes
2012-11-12 Tamberlyn Bieri
2012-11-26 Michael Paulini Conference call Minutes
2012-12-10 Gary Williams Conference call Minutes
2012-12-24 Daniel Wang

2011 Officers

Date Curator Agenda/Minutes
2011-01-10 Michael Paulini
2011-01-24 Gary Williams
2011-02-07 Daniel Wang
2011-02-21 Norie de la Cruz
2011-03-07 Gary Schindelman
2011-03-21 Todd Harris
2011-04-04 Ranjana Kishore
2011-04-18 Bill Nash
2011-05-02 Abigail Cabunoc
2011-05-16 Paul Davis Conference call Minutes
2011-05-30 Ruihua Fang
2011-06-13 Chris Grove
2011-06-27 Phil Ozersky
2011-07-11 Kevin Howe Conference call Minutes
2011-07-25 Daniela Raciti
2011-08-08 Yuling Li
2011-08-22 Karen Yook
2011-09-05 Raymond Lee
2011-09-19 Xiaoqi Shi
2011-09-19 Kimberly Van Auken
2011-10-03 Wen Chen
2011-10-17 Juancarlos Chan
2011-10-31 Cecilia Nakamura Conference call Minutes
2011-11-14 Mary Ann Tuli Conference call Minutes
2011-11-28 Xiaodong Wang
2011-12-12 Arun Rangarajan Conference call Minutes
2011-12-26 Xiaoqi Shi Conference call Minutes

2010 Officers

2010-01-04 Xiaodong Wang

2010-01-18 Tamberlyn Bieri

2010-02-01 Michael Paulini

2010-02-15 Gary Williams

2010-03-01 Daniel Wang

2010-03-15 Norie de la Cruz

2010-03-29 Gary Schindelman

2010-04-12 Todd Harris

2010-04-26 Ranjana Kishore

2010-05-10 Abigail Cabunoc

2010-05-24 Paul Davis (Split shift)

2010-05-31 Xiaoqi Shi

2010-06-14 Paul Davis (Split shift)

2010-06-21 Bill Nash

2010-07-05 Ruihua Fang

2010-07-19 Chris Grove

2010-08-02 Phil Ozersky

2010-08-16 Karen Yook

2010-08-30 Raymond Lee

2010-09-13 Kimberly Van Auken

2010-09-27 Wen Chen

2010-10-11 Juancarlos Chan

2010-10-25 Cecilia Nakamura

2010-11-08 Mary Ann Tuli

2010-11-22 Xiaodong Wang

2010-12-13 Arun Rangarajan

2010-12-27 Tamberlyn Bieri

2009 Officers

2009-01-05 Juancarlos Chan

2009-01-19 Cecilia Nakamura

2009-02-02 Karen Yook

2009-02-16 Jolene Fernandes

2009-03-02 Hans-Michael Mueller

2009-03-16 Xiaodong Wang

2009-03-30 Tamberlyn Bieri

2009-04-13 Michael Han

2009-04-27 Gary Williams

2009-05-11 Daniel Wang

2009-05-25 Norie de la Cruz

2009-06-08 Gary Schindelman

2009-06-22 Todd Harris

2009-07-06 Ranjana Kishore

2009-07-20 Anthony Rogers

2009-08-03 Paul Davis

2009-08-17 Phil Ozersky

2009-08-31 Karen Yook

2009-09-14 Erich Schwarz

2009-09-28 Raymond Lee

2009-10-12 Kimberly Van Auken

2009-10-26 Wen Chen

2009-11-09 Juancarlos Chan

2009-11-23 Cecilia Nakamura

2009-12-07 Mary Ann Tuli

2009-12-21 Jolene Fernandes

2008 Officers

As of 2008 01 31 conference calls will be monthly, but Help Desk duties will split into 2-week cycles.

2008-01-31 Cecilia Nakamura

2008-02-14 Hans-Michael Mueller

2008-02-?? Xiaodong Wang

2008-03-?? Tamberlyn Bieri

2008-03-31 Michael Han

2008-04-14 Gary Williams

2008-04-28 Sheldon

2008-05-12 Daniel Wang

2008-05-26 Norie de la Cruz

2008-06-09 Gary Schindelman

2008-06-23 Will Spooner

2008-07-07 Darin Blasiar

2008-07-21 Mary Ann Tuli

2008-08-04 Todd Harris

2008-08-18 Ranjana Kishore

2008-09-01 Anthony Rogers

2008-09-15 Paul Davis

2008-09-29 Phil Ozersky

2008-10-13 Erich Schwarz

2008-10-27 Raymond Lee

2008-11-10 Kimberly Van Auken

2008-11-24 Andrei Petcherski

2008-12-08 Igor Antoshechkin

2008-12-22 Wen Chen