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=Web Development Team:=
=Web Development Team:='
== '''[http://www.oicr.on.ca/ Ontario Institute for Cancer Research]''' ==
Abigail Cabunoc (Abigail.Cabunoc@oicr.on.ca)
Abigail Cabunoc (Abigail.Cabunoc@oicr.on.ca)

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For help on specific topics, please feel free to e-mail the helpdesk (help@wormbase.org); It may also be helpful to CC your question or request to the individual(s) that are most likely the responsible parties. Below is a list of Worm Base staff and their respective areas of expertise.

Principal Investigators

Richard Durbin (rd@sanger.ac.uk) [WTSI]

John Spieth (jspieth@watson.wustl.edu) [WashU]

Lincoln Stein (lincoln.stein@gmail.com) [OICR]

Paul Sternberg (pws@caltech.edu) [Caltech]

Web Master:

Todd Harris (todd@wormbase.org)'

=Web Development Team:='

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Abigail Cabunoc (Abigail.Cabunoc@oicr.on.ca)

Norie de la Cruz (noriedlc3@gmail.com)

Todd Harris (todd@wormbase.org) - Project manager; lead website developer and information architect

Xiaoqi Shi (xiaoqi.shi@oicr.on.ca)

Worm Mart:

Ruihua Fang (rfang@caltech.edu)

Sequence Curation:

Washington University at St. Louis

Tamberlyn Bieri (tbieri@watson.wustl.edu)

Phil Ozersky (pozersky@watson.wustl.edu)

William Nash (wnash@watson.wustl.edu)

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Paul Davis (paul.davis@sanger.ac.uk) - Special Skills: C. elegans Gene Curation(CDS,Pseudogene,RNA), Sequence_Features, Operons, Public Sequence Data(EST,OST,RST,mRNA), Transposons

Richard Durbin (rd@sanger.ac.uk) - Principle Investigator

Michael Paulini (mh6@sanger.ac.uk) - Mirrors, EnsEMBL, Comparative Genomics

Kevin Howe (klh@sanger.ac.uk) - Team Leader

Mary Ann Tuli (mt3@sanger.ac.uk) - Nomenclature, Strains, Variations, Sequence Features

Gary Williams (gw3@sanger.ac.uk) - C. elegans Gene Curation(CDS,Pseudogene,RNA), Sequence_Features, Mass_spec, RGASP

Biological Data Curation:

California Institute of Technology

Juancarlos Chan (azurebrd@drachma.ugcs.caltech.edu) - Postgres Curation Database

Wen Chen (wen at athena.caltech.edu) - Expr_pattern; Microarray; SPELL; citace

Ruihua Fang (rfang@caltech.edu) - Bioinformatics, SVM firstpass

Chris Grove (cgrove@caltech.edu) - RNAi

Ranjana Kishore (ranjana@its.caltech.edu) - Gene Ontology

Raymond Lee (raymond@caltech.edu) - Anatomy Ontology; Cell Function

Hans-Michael Mueller (mueller@its.caltech.edu) -Textpresso

Cecilia Nakamura (cecilia@tazendra.caltech.edu) - Person

Daniela Raciti (draciti@its.caltech.edu) - Picture

Arun Rangarajan (arunr@caltech.edu) - Textpresso

Gary Schindelman (garys@caltech.edu) - RNAi

Kimberly Van Auken (vanauken@caltech.edu) - Paper; Concise Description

Daniel Wang (qwang@its.caltech.edu) - WormBook; Literature Acquisition

Xiaodong Wang (xdwang@caltech.edu) - Gene_regulation; Interaction; Antibody; Position Matrix

Karen Yook (kyook@its.caltech.edu) - Transgene; Process Page

Yuling Li (liyuling@caltech.edu) - Textpresso