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Genotype as an object

This page is meant as a chalkboard to through around ideas and eventually formulate a plan for curating to genotypes and strains rather than individual variations or single genes.
Caltech Group Meeting 19-May-2016 notes

Objectifying Genotypes[edit]
Increasingly, we are encountering needs to objectify genotypes
We have strain objects, although strains are not always specified in papers
We could potentially create strain objects that are named according to a paper ID
This would enable us to capture certain phenotype and genetic interaction annotations
We need to consider a strain's phenotype in relation to a control strain
We already annotate phenotypes to transgenes while specifying the gene (in the transgene) that causes the phenotype
It will be good for WB cuartors to hear from other MODs about how they handle this
We can reconvene after today's phenotype call and focus on this discussion for future cross-MOD calls



Action items