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WormBase Genome Integration Standards

This is a stub so feel free to add content.


At the last ABM we were asked by the board to come up with a list of criteria that a genome assembly/project should attain before WormBase would agree to integrate the Organism into the database.

This topic has re-surfaced as SangerWB have been in contact with the Sanger Helminth group regarding future integration of their data.

They run a pipeline whereby there are 4 phases

1) Production (X months) - No Interest for WB 
2) Finishing  (3 Months) - No Interest for WB
3) Analysis   (3 months) - Depending on our criteria we could be interested here
2) Repeat - Finishing
3) Repeat - Analysis
      x n
4) Publish when the genome/gene set meets theIR standards 

The Helminth Co-ordinator is going to send some information regarding the standards they will be working to but these will be based on the paper "Genome Project Standards in a New Era of Sequencing" so this might be a good starting point for WormBase to base our list of criteria.....(It's not very detailed :( )


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WormBase Standards Document

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Standard Draft:

High-Quality Draft:

Improved High-Quality Draft:

Annotation-Directed Improvement:

Noncontiguous Finished:


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