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Here is a list of some gene-finders. This is only intended as a preliminary and incomplete list of gene-finders, and we hope very much that many other authors of gene-finders will participate in NGASP. Participation is open to all academic, private sector, and government researchers. We will be happy to add the name of your gene-finder to this list, when you contact us.*

Gene Prediction Software

  • Genefinder2 - LaDeana contacting Phil

Combiners & Pipelines

  • Avril's combiner - Avril
  • Ensembl Pipeline - Avril to ask Ensembl group
  • GESECA combiner, Darin Blasiar - Gene Selection and Combining Algorithm
  • Gramene evidence-based Pipeline (previously named Ensembl modified Pipeline), Chengzhi Liang - Tristan

*Disclaimer - Software and developers listed on the nGASP wiki do not necessarily endorse nor participate in the nGASP project but are listed solely for planning purposes.