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Example: WBPaper00036024
Example: WBPaper00036024
==Plans/Projects in progress==
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Back to [[Caltech documentation]]

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Manual Literature Curation

  1. Lung Development Targets (November 2009 - February 2010)

Semi-Automated, Textpresso-Based Curation

  • CCC - GO Cellular Component Curation using Textpresso
  1. dictyBase
  2. FlyBase
  3. TAIR
  4. WormBase
  • MFC - GO Molecular Function Curation using Textpresso

Phenotype2GO Mappings for Biological Process Annotation (Variation2GO and RNAiPhenotype2GO)

InterPro2GO Mappings for IEA Annotations

Reference Genome Inferential Annotations


Term Requests

Annotation Practices

1. When annotating to Cellular Component terms:

If a protein contains a transmembrane domain, but expression experiments are not at sufficient resolution to show membrane localization, what annotation should we make?

Example: WBPaper00036024

Plans/Projects in progress

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