Gene-Paper Associations

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We have several options for making gene-paper associations:

  1. The primary pipeline is a Perl script that automatically associates genes and proteins mentioned in paper and meeting abstracts with the paper object in postgres. Note that the script was only recently updated (October 2009) to eliminate case sensitivity so that proteins would be recognized and the corresponding gene connections appropriately made. Juancarlos has run the case-insensitive version of the script on all past abstracts which generated 7552 possible new associations. After spot checking some of these, we anticipate that these new associations will be added to postgres.
  2. not in effect since ~Aug 2010A minor pipeline stems from author submission through the author first pass form. For every author first pass form that is submitted, a curator looks at the genes entered in the genestudied field as well as looks through the paper, and makes sure the correct genes are properly attributed to the paper.

--kjy 23:34, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

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