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GFF source and feature

GFF2 description at the Sanger Institute

In the WormBase GFF files genes are represented in several ways each specified by a different source and feature (second and third columns)

Gene spans

This is the largest extent of a genes' transcripts from the begining of the most 5' transcripts 5' UTR to the end of the most 3' transcripts 3' UTR. Each gene is represented as a single line.

  • source = gene; feature = gene.

eg cyk in WormBase

CHROMOSOME_III gene gene 13768424 13771124 . - . Gene WBGene00000875" ; Position "21.5305" ; Locus "cyk-4"


A CDS is the coding sequence of a gene from the start codon to the stop codon (so does not include UTR). A gene may have 1 or more CDS's.