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C. elegans fosmid from the Moerman fosmid library.

Geneservice Ltd; a UK based reagent and service provider distribute many genomic libraries worldwide.

Here is the link for their distribution of Don Moerman's C.elegans fosmid library.

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Example WRM prefix Plate No. Filter (a,b,c,d) Plate Position
WRM069bF08 WRM 069 b F08
WRM069cF08 WRM 069 c F08
WRM069dF08 WRM 069 d F08

Library info:

Library Details C. elegans Fosmid Library
Library Plate numbers 061-069 0610-0641 (41)
Number of clones 12874 (verified) 15744 (total)
Plate Format 384
Source material nematode total organism
Strain N2
Vector pCC1FOS (Epicentre)
Host maintained at low copy number until induced.
Average insert size 43.3kB
Cloning site  ?
Genomic coverage 5.74X (86.7% correct paired ends)
Creator Don Moerman et al
Stock center GeneService

C. elegans fosmid from the Incyte Genomics Inc. fosmid library.

This is an old fosmid library that was lost for quite some time. 29 of these fosmides were used in the C. elegans sequencing project to fill holes left in the Cosmid assembly.

These clones can be requested from:

Prefered Link: European based copy of the library:HERE

US based copy of the library: Catrina Fronick

Please remember to include a FedEx/DHL Account number to which shipping cost can be charged.


Example H prefix Plate No. Well pos.
H27D07 H 27 d07
H30E23 H 30 e23

Library info: Easy to Screen High-Density Filters, created 1 November 2000, sold by Incyte Genomics Inc.

Library Details Fosmid C. elegans
Library Plate numbers 1-43, 1-5
Number of clones 16,512
Plate Format 384
Source material nematode total organism
Strain N2
Vector pFOS1
Host XL1 Blu MR
Average insert size 40 kb
Cloning site BamHI
Genomic coverage 6.6x
Creator Stephanie Chissoe
Stock center G.S.C. St. Louis // The Sanger Institute