File Specifications for Downloading Manual Annotations for Protein2GO

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Background: WormBase will be sending files of its manual GO annotations to be incorporated into Protein2GO.

Details of the migration plan are available on the GO wiki:

Summary of Requirements:

  1. Separate GAF for each curator
  2. Remove IEP annotations

Details of Requirements:

  • Separate GAF for each curator
    • Carol Bastiani
    • Josh Jaffery
    • Ranjana Kishore
    • Kimberly Van Auken
  • Each GAF should be named according to the following convention:
    • The file name should be in the format: ‘gene_association.mod.Firstname_Lastname’, e.g. gene_association.wb.Joe_Bloggs

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  • Remove IEP annotations
    • Since annotations made using the IEP evidence code primarily refer to transcript or gene objects, we will need to either not dump them in the GAF or strip them from each of the files after the file has been dumped.
    • Note - I will probably transfer my protein IEP annotations to Protein2GO manually and then delete them from tazendra.