February 22, 2011

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Agenda and Notes - BioGRID and WB interaction meeting.

item 1 - Mapping of interaction terms/types between WB and BioGRID.
  1. Physical interactions
    • In addition to sharing genetic interactions, we're trying to work out how to share physical interaction data between WB and BG. Currently in WB, there is a ?YH model and there is an ?Interaction model, but the two models don't XREF to one another. WB is trying figure out the best way to model physical interactions and one possible solution is to add physical interactions to the ?YH model. This is very preliminary and WB must vet this further, but below is a model proposal that adds to the ?YH. We are still not sure this is how we want to go and there is alot to discuss.
File:Physical int 2 22.doc
  1. Genetic Interactions
    • We continued to discuss the mappings of interaction types between WB and BG. Attached is a rough draft of the WB interaction terms with notes from BG. WB will come up with examples for each interaction type from their curation.
File:WormBase-Interactions-2 22 comments.doc
    • Below is the updated BioGRID-to-WormBase_Interaction_Mapping.xls from the meeting on 2/15. We still have alot of work to do to do the mappings and have decided to look at some of the previously curated BG interactions from worm.