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  • The Evidence and Conclusion Ontology will be incorporated into a future release of WormBase, aiming for WS278, and is proposed to replace ?GO_code.

?ECO_term Model

 ?ECO_term Name UNIQUE ?Text
          Status UNIQUE Valid
          Alt_id ?Text
          Definition UNIQUE ?Text
          Synonym Broad ?Text
                  Exact ?Text
                  Narrow ?Text
                  Related ?Text
          Child Instance ?ECO_term XREF Instance_of
          Parent Instance_of ?ECO_term XREF Instance
          Attribute_of GO_annotation ?GO_annotation XREF ?ECO_code
          Index Ancestor ?ECO_term XREF Descendant
                Descendant ?ECO_term XREF Ancestor
          Version UNIQUE Text

Other models affected

  • Will need to replace ?GO_code with ?ECO_code
  1. ?GO_annotation
  2. ?Disease_model_annotation (confirm with Ranjana)
  3. ?Cell (confirm with Raymond) - also replace ?AO_code with ?ECO_code?
  4. ?Phenotype (confirm with Chris)

Additional model cleanup? Are these tags being used at all?

  1. ?Gene - remove ?GO_term tag and associated info?
  2. ?Sequence - remove ?GO_term tag and associated info?
  3. ?CDS - remove ?GO_term tag and associated info?
  4. ?Transcript - remove ?GO_term tag and associated info?

Parsing Script for ?ECO_term Model