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From Mary Ann Tuli:

1) Here is advance notice that I added a new Database in WS173

Database : "NemaGENETAG_Consortium" Name "NemaGENETAG_Consortium" Description "NemaGENETAG Consortium. Transposon insertion project." URL "http:\/\/\/nemagenetag\/" Email "" Email "" Email "" URL_constructor "http:\/\/\/segalat\/data\/mos.php?mode_aff=0&allele_name=\%s"

I have added DB_info tags to all NemaGENETAG (ttTi-) alleles and would like these to displayed on the web in the same way as the KO (gk-, ok-) and NBP (tm-) allele DB_info tags.

2) I have also started populating the Deletion_verification tag. There are 56 gk- and ok- alleles. Please can you ensure this info. is displayed.