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Model Changes

Support for Cloned_by and the Laboratory_evidence tags has been added ([[User:Tharris Tharris] 10:40, 20 October 2006 (EDT))

added two minor changes . .

?Gene . Gene_info . Cloned_by #Evidence

  (See Below)

?Evidence . Laboratory_evidence ?Laboratory

All existing data will fit this models file as there have only been additions.

Cloned by

I am not sure whether you have been following the discussions about this issue. To summarise, we are now able to credit the person/lab who did the cloning by the use of the Cloned_by tag. I have therefore added the Stein lab (LQ) to dyf-5. You will see this update in WS165...if Todd can update the display (please Todd :-)

Todd, I am not sure what priority this information should take ie should it appear alongside the Person_evidence for the Gene_class or elsewhere.

Can the information appear only if available ie. don't display empty information (e.g. Cloned_by unknown)?