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Items to be announced

links to WormBook

new phenotype ontology

SNP tracks spli



Proteomics data

Development priorities

Proteomics datasets

The proteomics datasets make their first appearance in WS164. I've already put in place some preliminary displays and added support for peptide display on the genome browser. These tentative UI changes all need to be revisited.

STATUS UPDATE [[User:Tharris Tharris] 11:30, 19 September 2006 (EDT)

  1. GBrowse: Small modification required to the aggregator. To avoid this, I modified the GFF entries such that the method for the mass_spec_genome becomes one of the recognized types by (translated_nucleotide_match) instead of similarity.
  2. Page views:
  3. TODO: We need to add in support for proteomics data into WormMart


The file should be uploaded with the miranda and pictar binding_site gff files for WS164. See the [[WS164 release notes for WS164] for additional details.

CHROMOSOME_I ncRNA RNAz 27813 27913 999.837 - . ncRNA "RNAz-511999" ; Note "Predicted ncRNA gene RNAz-511999"

TH: Added support in gbrowse conf.

Molecular_change hash

The #Molecular_change has been populated in about 15,000 Variation objects, detailing the molecular change produced by the Variation.

Build parser of this hash into library and add support on the variation page. The Gene Page might also need to be modified in order to correctly show mutations with existing molecular information.