Development notes WS163

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Items to be announced

New GBrowse features

  1. Pictar predictions
  2. MiRanda predictions
  3. TEC-RED tags

Development priorities

Molecular_change hash -- bumped to WS164 ([[User:Tharris Tharris] 11:23, 19 September 2006 (EDT))

The #Molecular_change has been populated in about 15,000 Variation objects, detailing the molecular change produced by the Variation.

Build parser of this hash into library and add support on the variation page. The Gene Page might also need to be modified in order to correctly show mutations with existing molecular information.

SAGE data

The Sage data has undergone a significant overhaul in this release. The SAGE page, Gene Page, and GBrowse configuration all need to be updated.

Remove the hack for WS159 that formatted the strain designation (?)

Add support / parsing of the Phenotype_info hash (primarily on the varaition page)

Homol mapping of expression data

- subj: Addition to interaction Model (4.20)
(no comments)
requires significant UI mods to Gene Summary and possibly new display

Wei wei's interaction data (emails from paul and andrei)

Phenotype stuff

TEC-RED (DONE: [[User:Tharris Tharris] 16:30, 29 August 2006 (EDT))

2. Add in TEC-RED display onto the genome browser

Get description from PS. Place in the Expression category. (Tentative config already in place).