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This page contains information pertinent to employees of WormBase.

Navigating and Editing the Developer Documentation

Web Dev Category Hierarchy (Under Construction)

You will be able to navigate the Developer Documentation by browsing through the Web Dev Category Hierarchy (Under Construction) above, which is under construction right now. In the mean time, please browse through this page or search for information that you need.

<categorytree mode=pages showcount="on" hideroot="on" depth=4 >Web Dev</categorytree>

How to Contribute to the Documentation

If you'd like to help out adding to the documentation, that's great! Here is some general good practice that will help keeping the documentation organized, navigable and up to date.

  • Ensure a page is tagged with a category, when you add or edit a page. You can browse through our high level categories and locate the most specific category that describes your page.

For example, include the following code at the bottom of a page will make the page appear under the category Category: Getting Started (Web Dev) :

[[Category: Getting Started (Web Dev)]]

  • Update, deprecate or remove old documentation when appropriate.
  • Any documents that contain potentially sensitive information belong on Google Docs (Contact Todd for details). This might reasonably include anything that reveals information about our systems or architecture.
  • Other ideas? Please update the wiki here!

New Employee Orientation

Project Management

Conference call agendas/minutes

Source Code Repositories

We use the distributed source code management system git. Projects are hosted on Github.

Recommended reading (learning git):

General Documentation

The Web Application

The Mobile Website

  • Mobile -- Overview of the mobile website
  • Router -- A definition of the possible routes of the mobile website
  • Models -- Details about the models
  • Collections -- Details about the collections
  • Views -- Details about the views
  • Widgets Porting -- Details about the porting of widgets in the mobile website/app

Data Model and Data Development

Development Guidelines


Help us maintain the site

Information for third party developers



Software Platform

Hardware Platform

Software Life Cycle

Measuring Application Performance

Routine Administration Tasks

Monitoring and Crises Management

Frozen Releases

Deprecated Documentation

The good word gone bad. Cruft. Lint. Maybe useful. Probably not.


Load balancing and Failover


Frozen Releases as Virtual Machines