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== Frozen Releases ==
== Frozen Releases ==
*[[Building Frozen Releases]] - ''The most current documentation on how to build a frozen release''
*[[Building Frozen Releases]] - ''The most current documentation on how to build a frozen release''
== Source Code Repositories ==
''We use the distributed source code management system Mercurial.  Projects are hosted on [http://github.org/WormBase Github].''
[[WormBase Source Code|How-To create, check out, and manage our repositories]]
*[http://bitbucket.org/tharris/wormbase WormBase] - ''The WormBase web application (public)''
*[http://bitbucket.org/tharris/wormbase-admin WormBase-admin] - ''Administrative code (private)''
= Deprecated Documentation =
= Deprecated Documentation =

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This page contains information pertinent to employees of WormBase.

Project Management

Conference call agendas/minutes

General Documentation

Data Model and Data Development

Web Site Development Guidelines

Help us maintain the site

The Web Application

  • Application overview - An overview of the web application, including MVC structure, request flow, caching, etc
  • Configuration -- Application and view configuration: formatting and standards
  • WormBase::API -- The WormBase data model, maintained external to the web application
  • View -- Templating system, commom template elements, javascript, and CSS
  • Model -- The web application model; thin, glued to the external Model
  • Controller -- Overview of controller files and actions

Information for third party developers



Software Platform

Hardware Platform

Software Life Cycle

Measuring Application Performance

Routine Administration Tasks

Monitoring and Crises Management

Frozen Releases

Deprecated Documentation

The good word gone bad. Cruft. Lint. Maybe useful. Probably not.


Load balancing and Failover


Frozen Releases as Virtual Machines