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This page documents the creation of the construct class and all tools needed for its curation.


A construct is defined as any single contiguous stretch of engineered DNA sequence. Constructs will be curated as objects used in the generation of transgenes, engineered alleles, and expression markers used in analysis of expression patterns, gene regulation, and biological topics.


The official model page is here along with compensatory changes to related models and test data. Constructs will be curation for the benefit of a number of other data classes: Variation, Transgene, Gene Regulation, Topic, and Expression Pattern.

Construct OA

  • create construct tables see tables on OA tables page
  • assign all transgene objects a unique WBConstruct ID.
  • move/rename/rededicate(?) many of the trp tables to be construct tables
  • reorganize the transgene OA to include construct curation - don't know if this is possible as both constructs and transgenes need to be assigned unique ids also any given transgene could have multiple constructs and any given construct could be used by multiple transgenes
  • add functionality to exprpat, genereg, and topic OAs to enter construct requests

Postgres script to populate cns tables

Construct tables = cns_:
script for data population of cns_ tables from trp_tables:

Summary of transfer instructions:

table OA label data transfer
cns_curator Curator one-time copy from trp_curator
cns_paper Paper one-time copy from trp_paper
cns_person Person one-time copy from trp_person
cns_name Name WBCnstr: $cnstid = &pad8Zeros($newPgid)//assigned WBConstructID
cns_publicname Public Name /Clone: values from trp_constructionsummary
cns_othername Other Name transfer Expr from trp_publicname or trp_synonym
delete table, not necessary anymorecns_newtransgene New Transgene for production- will send a daily alert to the transgene curator based on new entries.
cns_summary Summary one time copy from trp_summary
cns_drivenbygene Driven By Gene transfer all values from trp_driven_by_gene
delete trp_driven_by_gene
cns_gene Gene transfer all values from trp_gene
delete trp_gene
cns_reporter Reporter transfer all values from trp_reporter_product except when the value is equal to a purification_tag value
reporter values are: GFP, GFP(S65C), EGFP, pGFP(photoactivated GFP), YFP, EYFP, BFP, CFP, Cerulian, RFP, mRFP, tagRFP, mCherry, wCherry, tdTomato, mStrawberry, DsRed, DsRed2, Venus, YC2.1 (yellow cameleon), YC12.12 (yellow cameleon),YC3.60 (yellow cameleon), Yellow cameleon, Dendra, Dendra2, tdimer2(12)/dimer2, GCaMP, mkate2, Luciferase, LacI, LacO, LacZ
delete trp_reporter
cns_otherreporter OtherReporter transfer all values from trp_other_reporter
delete trp_other_reporter
cns_purificationtag PurificationTag Transfer all values from trp_reporter_product that equals any of the following values: His-tag, FLAG, HA-tag, MYC/c-myc, Stag, Histone H2B
cns_recombinationsite RecombinationSite LoxP, FRT
cns_constructtype ConstructType transfer all values from reporter_type: Chimera, Domain_swap,Engineered mutation, Fusion, Complex (e.g., GFP fusion plus point mutations), Transcriptional_fusion, Translational_fusion, N-terminal_translational_fusion, C-terminal_translational_fusion, Internal_coding_fusion
transfer all values from trp_reporter_type
delete trp_reporter_type
cns_selectionmarker SelectionMarker
cns_threeutr 3 UTR create cns_threeutr table, transfer from trp_threeutr
delete trp_threeutr
cns_constructionsummary ConstructionSummary transfer values in trp_driven_by_construct
delete trp_driven_by_construct;
transfer trp_constructionsummary for all trp_publicname lines that are not "Is" or are blank; transfer all associated Expr in trp_publicname or trp_synonym to cns_othername
cns_fwdprimer FWDprimer
cns_revprimer REVprimer
cns_dna DNAText
cns_feature Feature
cns_proposedfeature ProposedSeqFeature
cns_genewithfeature FeatureGene
cns_clone Clone
cns_laboratory Laboratory copy from trp_laboratory
cns_remark Remark transfer trp_remark for all trp_publicname lines that are not "Is" or are blank