Concise Descriptions

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Building an Ontology Annotator interface for concise description curation

  • Curation starts by querying for a gene, wbgene is an autocomplete (not a dropdown), the term info is populated from the gene info from the gin_ tables, not an OBO file.
  • Querying for a gene brings up data from postgres or tells you there are no matches. To make a new annotation, click the New button to generate curator, date, pgid, and curator history.
  • Order and description of fields for the Concise Description OA (name of postgres table in italics):
  • WBGene cdc_wbgene
  • Curator cdc_curator
  • Curator History cdc_curhistory data has pgid, don't ever change this value or you'll be looking at the term info of a different pgid.
  • Description cdc_description : This is a dropdown, values are: Concise Description, Human Disease Relevance, Provisional Description, Sequence Features, Functional Pathway, Functional Physical Interaction, Biological Process, Molecular Function, Expression, .
  • Description Text
  • Paper cdc_paper
  • Accession Evidence cdc_accession
  • Last Updated cdc_lastupdate
  • PGID no table
  • No dump cdc_nodump
  • There is no field for data (the whole text for the description of human disease or whatever)