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Community Curation

Forms available at Web Submission Forms

  • Addresses of Authors
  • Updating contact information
  • Updating intellectual lineage information
    • These are all collecting one sort of data type and do not really fall under the remit of Community Curation.
  • Gene/Sequence Links
  • New Gene Class Name Proposal
    • These are the same form. I believe it is a good candidate for future Community Curation (Mary Ann)
  • Gene Expression and Regulation
  • Transgenes
  • Gene Ontology Terms
  • Allele data
    • Already working on (Mary Ann)
  • Breakpoint Data
  • Deletion/Duplication Data
  • Multipoint Cross Data
  • Two-point Cross Data
  • New/Altered Rearrangement Data
    • The above forms are rarely used and since the Genetic Map is frozen we are not actively collecting this data. No change needed (Mary Ann)
  • Wild Isolate Strain Data
    • Rarely used, most submitters tend to submit large volumes of data via spreadsheets. Works well. I think we only need to promote as a data type but not create a new form (Mary Ann)