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Goals for upload report

  • Summary of the uploaded data classes/objects - this summary should be blind to requests from curators and should alert Caltech to missing data classes or severe changes in numbers of objects within preexisting data classes
  • Summary of curation work - this summary should be curator driven, in some cases the summary will require a more involved aceperl query to get at the actual annotation rather than a straight data class object number.


Data classes/types curated and sent to Hinxton

For each data type, please indicate what information you want to know upon Citace data testing and what information you want to include the report to Hinxton.

Data class/type Curation focus Postgres Tables
( oa tables)
Curator Current Citace dump stat Requested stat(s) for Citace report Requested stats for build release
Antibody C. elegans antibodies abp_ Daniela Raciti find Antibody
Paper with Antibody
Total Paper--Antibody links
anatomy Anatomy terms and function N/A Raymond Lee find Anatomy_term
find Anatomy_function
concise Concise Description con_ Ranjana Kishore, Kimberly Van Auken Gene with Concise_description Automated_description
Papers for Concise_description
Papers for Automated_description
construct Constructs used in various classes cns_ Daniela Raciti None construct
#new papers curated for construct
average # constructs curated/new paper
disease Worm models of human disease dis_ Ranjana Kishore Disease_relevance Papers for Gene with Experimental_model
Papers for Gene with Disease_relevance
exprpat Expression pattern of genes exp_ Daniela Raciti find Expr_pattern
Gene with Expr_pattern
Paper with Expr_pattern
gene cluster phylogenetic profile clusters N/A Karen none # gene cluster objects
go Gene ontology annotation Kimberly Van Auken, Ranjana Kishore Gene with GO_term
Total Gene--GO_term links
gene regulation Gene regulation grg_ Chris Grove Interaction with Regulatory
gene interaction Genetic and physical interactions int_ Chris Grove, Gary Schindelman, Kimberly Van Auken, Karen Yook Interaction
Interaction with Physical
Interaction with Genetic
Interaction with Predicted
Paper with Interaction
Microarray microarray N/A Wen Chen find Microarray_experiment
Expression_cluster Expression Cluster N/A Wen Chen find Expression_cluster
Analysis Proteomics Analysis N/A Wen Chen find Analysis MassSpec*
molecule Drug/Chemical/Small molecule objects mop_ Karen Yook Interaction
Molecule with WBProcess
movie Movies mov_ Daniela Raciti none
paper Papers pap_ Kimberly find Paper
Total Paper--Gene links
person People two_ Cecilia find Person
phenotype Annotation of phenotypes to variations, strains, rearrangements, transgenes app_ Gary Schindelman with Phenotype_not_observed
Transgene with Phenotype
Strain with Phenotype
variation-|phenotype link
picture figures from papers pic_ Daniela Raciti find Picture
biological_topic Topic curation pro_ Karen Yook none links
process_term Process term creation prt_ Karen Yook find WBProcess
RNAi RNAi sequence and phenotype curation rna_ Chris Grove, Gary Schindelman find RNAi
RNAi with Phenotype
RNAi with Phenotype_not_observed
Paper with RNAi
transgene Transgene object curation trp_ Daniela Raciti find Transgene
Paper with Transgene
Total Paper--Transgene links