Citace data assignments

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Class Curator
Author Cecilia
Analysis Wen
Laboratory Cecilia
Person Cecilia
Expr_profile Chris
Movie Daniela
Picture Daniela
Structure_data Chris
Homology_group Wen
Homol_data Gary
Oligo Gary
PCR_product Gary
RNAi Gary
Sequence Gary
Phenotype Chris
Rearrangement ??
Strain ??
Variation ??
Gene_regulation Kimberly
Journal Kimberly
Paper Kimberly
Paper_name Kimberly
Person_name Kimberly
GO_code Ranjana
GO_term Ranjana
Anatomy_function Raymond
Anatomy_name Raymond
Anatomy_term Raymond
Cell Raymond
Cell_group Raymond
Lineage Raymond
Tree Raymond
Tree_node Raymond
Antibody Daniela
Condition Wen
Expr_pattern Daniela
Expression_cluster Wen
Life_stage Daniela
Method Wen
Microarray Wen
Microarray_experiment Wen
Microarray_results Wen
Molecule Karen
Oligo_set Wen
SAG_tag Wen
SAGE_experiment Wen
Transgene Karen
CDS Chris
Gene_regulation Chris
Interaction Chris
YH Chris
Position_matrix ??
Process Karen