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July 18 2017


Progress Report

  • IWM sign-up sheets, 69 names, 8 interested in reviewing
**create a mailing list for uPub announcements
**start database(?) of interested people and possible roles - authors, reviewers

Needs discussion/decisions

  • micropubs vs data submission to WB: What to do when users only want to submit data and not micropublish? ex. Updike submissions
    • Daniela: One thought is that WormBase does not take personal communications any more- to my knowledge. So the micropub seems the only way to get these data out.
  • Coko collaboration: When should we start discussions with them?
  • Editorial board: Any more thoughts on who to have?
  • Logo: Use Nemametrix designer? ~700USD ($75/hr); Who did the AGR logo and how much was it?

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