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March 8 2017

Agenda and minutes

  • Celebrate the score
    • Paul e-mailed the program director and see what the percentage is
    • critique was good, few minor points to address, e.g.:
      • high throughput data
      • collaboration with publishers -we could contact e-life, collaboration with the Coko foundation deals with the publishing cycle already
      • charging for submissions? yes for companies, not for academia, will say we will waive submission charges for academia
  • Booth at the IWM
    • Shall we have one?
      • yes, we will have one, pay through WB
  • Booklet at the IWM (see github #52)
    • Gather micros to generate the booklet
      • booklet: have one of two each flavor submissions
data not shown: 1 or more
reagent: e.g. gal-4 drivers
new interesting unpublished data 
negative data
ask people what would you like to see published-what you know as common knowledge and has never been published
    • Distribute booklet at posters that feature the micros and at booth (WB, Nemametrix, TransgeneOme(?) etc)
  • Tim's micropub -how to deal with longer narratives
    • Daniela/Karen will work with Tim to get the atomized data from his submission and will work to generate the MINI-Publication (composed of 2+ micros)
    • Confidence rating discussion (shall we allow authors to put in the confidence level of a result)
  • Mitani alleles (see github #51)
    • Can Paul reach out to Shohei and initiate the collaboration?
      • yes he will. We might set up a conf call with Mitani to discuss it in greater detail
      • we can think of having robot generated descriptions for the mitani alleles
      • if a mitani allele is tested by someone else and gets different results it will be a new micro that will cite the original submission from Mitani
  • Alternatives for the current Micropublication: biology site (see github #25)
    • very time consuming right now loading articles into our current site, we need to figure out how to make this more efficient- can we get something better for the 20-50 articles in time for the IWM?
      • Daniel W could dedicate some time on the project at the beginning (manual entry), we will continue to look into alternatives and, if the grant goes in, we will implement this in phase 1
  • Other points
    • microreviews

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