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=May 9 2017=
===Arnold foundation===
* LoS for Coko
* Update from Paul (Mike Stebbins)
* Action plan
** depending on IF and WHEN we will need to submit a proposal for Arnold:
- submit same proposal if U01 is turned down? will need to expand
- talk openly with Mike Stebbins and disclose that we are waiting on the NIH response and will tailor the Arnold proposal accordingly?
- if Coko gets the Arnold grant and we don’t, would they still build our infrastructure
===Micropublication form updates===
* Added suggested reviewer field
* Added title field
* Added ISH
===Potential submissions===
* Veena Prahlad (reviewer of a previous micropub) wants to submit smFISH data
===Website views post blog===
* Still increase of website views
* will send examples as soon as we get data not shown/unpublished for their journals
===Micropub button on WormBase homepage===
* Todd can we prioritize this?
* Stebbins cancelled the meeting, we'll see if we hear back
=May 2 2017=
* Gave us the OK to publish 'unpublished data' - do not specifically mention data not shown, which was in the original request
* they'd like to link back to our Database and propose 2 options:
** 1.      Banner linking as already established with Wormbase. Nonetheless, this is general (only Wormbase banner appearing on ScienceDirect) and if not already linked to Wormbase, the article will have to be re-supplied on our end, which means a very manual and time costly process.
** 2.  Evolving article feature. This feature will allow to host on our platform a specific PDF containing the additional information and links to it, that will be visualized as an additional pdf that readers can download when downloading the original article. See an example here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1755436514000607 . It is still a manual process at the moment, but it does not involve re-supplying of the article.
* Shall we opt for the banner linking one?
* We met with Chris and Trisha (Knudra) and they will prepare a micropub submission, they will also reach out to their customers and see if they can supply one, too.
* they (and Matt Beaudet from Nemametrix) gave suggestions for the booklet, Matt strongly supports having PDFs versions of the articles in the booklet, even if hard to read. Chris from Knudra said they could provide magnifying glasses as swag
* Booklet link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MpxxYIxZ6eBXxWDmm8UuoHS244DBA9EAJb0AexFM1oM/edit#slide=id.p6
===Blog post===
* We posted a call for expression data on the blog on Friday
* Since the post page views of micropublication biology have increased (from ~70-80 unique visitors per week to 115)
===micropub e-mail===
* Todd please correct misspelling in the mailing list
===Other updates?===
* Jorgensen?
* Han will submit 2 micros by the end of next week
* we will request to go with the banner linking option
* Better to have the pdf in one page other than spread over 2 pages
===micropub e-mail===
* Todd fixed it
===Other updates?===
* Todd contacted Jorgensen, no response yet
* Tim: plan for making the micropub easily found on the wormbase web homepage
** Add a button on Wormbase called Micropublication: biology linking to website -between submit data and Parasite
* Arnold's foundation VP want to chat with Paul about micropubs
* Daniela will remove links to WBPapers that are not live in WormBase yet
* will meet next week, if no major updates will schedule in 2 weeks
= 2106 meetings=

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