Caenorhabditis remanei

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Caenorhabditis remanei is a gonochoristic (male-female) species closely related to C. elegans (i.e., a fellow member of the Elegans group).

Some earlier studies of non-elegans species occasionally misidentified C. remanei as "C. vulgaris", or confused C. remanei with C. brenneri (itself formerly known as C. sp. 4, "CB5161", "PB2801", etc.).

C. remanei has the following Web sources of information:

1. A genome browser gateway for the current assembly (release 15.0.1) in WormBase.

2. A genome browser gateway at the UC Santa Cruz Genome Center.

3. A review of Caenorhabditis phylogeny, which includes some discussion of C. remanei, at WormBook.

4. A WormBook review of Caenorhabditis ecology (including that of C. remanei).

5. Live strains available from the CGC stock center.

6. A genome sequence page at the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center.

Genome Details

Sex Determination: gonochoristic

Haploid No. chromosomes: 6 (5 autosomes, XO)


Proteins: RP:.*