Caenorhabditis japonica

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Caenorhabditis japonica is a gonochoristic (male-female) species related to C. elegans. However -- unlike C. briggsae, C. remanei, or C. brenneri -- C. japonica is not a member of the Elegans group, but the Elegans group's closest known outgroup species. It was selected for genomic sequencing on account of its providing the best (closest) available outgroup for genomic comparisons with Elegans group members.

C. japonica has the following Web sources of information:

1. A species description article in Nematology.

2. A genome browser gateway for the current preliminary assembly (release 3.0.2) in WormBase.

3. A genome browser gateway at the UC Santa Cruz Genome Center.

4. A review of Caenorhabditis phylogeny, which includes some discussion of C. japonica, at WormBook.

5. A WormBook review of Caenorhabditis ecology (including that of C. japonica).

6. Live strains available from the laboratory of Prof. David Fitch at New York University.

7. A genome sequence page at the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center.


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