Caenorhabditis briggsae

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Caenorhabditis briggsae is a hermaphroditic species closely related to C. elegans (i.e., a fellow member of the Elegans group).

It has the following Web sources of information:

1. A general C. briggsae research page.

2. A genome browser gateway for the current assembly (release CB3) at WormBase, along with another gateway for the former assembly (release cb25.agp8).

3. A genome browser gateway at the UC Santa Cruz Genome Center.

4. A review article at WormBook.

5. A research article describing the genomic sequencing of C. briggsae, in PLoS Biology.

6. A subsequent article in PLoS Biology describing chromosomal orientation and synteny of the C. briggsae genomic sequence, and the current CB3 genome assembly.

7. A WormBook methods chapter.

8. Live strains available from the CGC stock center.

9. A SNP project page from the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center (WU-GSC).

10. A genome page at WU-GSC.

11. Another genome page at the Sanger Institute.

12. An article at Wikipedia.

Genome Details

Sex Determination: androdioecious

Haploid No. chromosomes: 6 (5 autosomes, XO)


Proteins: BP:.*