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* [[Configuring Squid]] - ''basic squid configuration at WormBase''
* [[Configuring Squid]] - ''basic squid configuration at WormBase''
=== Logging ===
=== Logging. Monitoring, and Reporting ===
=== Monitoring ===
* [[Building and installing monit]]
=== Reporting ===
* [[Monitoring services and servers]]
== Development notes by release ==
== Development notes by release ==

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The WormBase Cold Spring Harbor team is in charge of developing, maintaining, and hosting WormBase. This page contains links to documentation relating to those topics.




General Admin

Virtual Machines / Freezes

Developer Tools


Hardware platform

Software platform


Load balancing and Failover

Logging. Monitoring, and Reporting

Development notes by release

As part of the formal development strategy at WormBase, software freezes occur on the Wednesday before the release of each new database. This corresponds with the CSHL WormBase conference call.

For a new feature to enter production, developers must send an email to cshl@wormbase.org by the software freeze deadline briefly describing the new feature and any new module or database requirements. This section collates those notes for easy access