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current data

The C.remanei data available in WormBase is based on the Caenorhabditis_remanei-1.0 6x assembly from WashU and gene predictions using the WashU merged gene prediction pipeline. These gene predictions have not been submitted to EMBL/GenBank, but the assembly has.

Future Data

  • a newer 9.2x C.remanei assembly is available from WashU Caenorhabditis_remanei-15.0.1
  • the NGASP project plans produce a new C.remanei gene set
  • manual curation is supposed to start as soon as NGASP predictions for the new assembly are available.
  • EMBL/GenBank submission is supposed to start together with manual curation.

State of Integration

As of WS191:


Is now fully integrated into the build.


The default code is used to show the ACeDB data and there is a GBrowse version available to show the GFF annotation. It is also included in the three-way genomic alignment viewer on the dev site.

known bugs

  • the small GBrowse window on the gene page doesn't show anything.

Flat Files

The files are available on the normal


replace the xxx with the release number you want.


  • gene models will be manually curated by WashU.
  • gene names are already curated in the traditional ex-CGC / WormGeneNames way (identifiable by a Crem- prefix)
  • for the current gene models only systematic errors will be fixed, as we expect NGASP to release a new geneset any day



preliminary data was made available as flatfiles and through the WormBase GBrowse


integration of C.remanei data into the canonical ACeDB database


  • integration of C.remanei into the regular build pipeline
  • website fixes


  • got included into the frozen release

probably WS193

  • assembly update
  • update of the gene-set with Jigsaw models