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April 25 2017


Data not shown

4 major publishers responded that is ok to publish data not shown or unpublished results:

  • GSA
  • The Company of Biologists (Publisher of Development, Disease Models and Mech, Journal of Cell Science, J Exp Biol)
  • American Society of Cell Biology (Publisher of Mol Biol Cell)
  • American Society of Microbiology (Publisher of Mol Cell Biol)

Waiting for Elsevier's final reply. They did not see anything wrong with it but they will double check with other colleagues.

It seems safe to continue to request data not shown unpublished results as micropubs for the journals above

IWM Booklet

Summary of Karen's discussion with Knudra/Nemametrix

  • NemaMetrix would love to sponsor the printing of the micropub book up to $1K
  • NemaMetrix and Knudra would love to have a "double "full page" ad in the booklet
  • To maximize the impact of the micropub book distribution we would love to support you in following a standard 3,2,1 marketing launch (3 emails go out letting people know to be expecting the micropub book at the conference). These would be the strongest if they all came from WormBase but we can also support that with NemaMetrix and Knudra email lists
  • We would be happy to add the 'micropub book' onto our daily giveaway raffle helping to drive traffic to your booth
  • We would also be happy to participate in any follow-on activity such as surveys, etc.
  • shall we have a raffle and give prizes to people that try to use the form? e.g. 2x 20$ amazon vouchers
  • shall we have an extra swag to give away?

mini flashlight tool




  • Todd, can the e-mail address micropublications@wormbase.org be used from users to contact us? I tried to send an e-mail from my caltech account but the group seem not be open to posting


  • Han Wang (Paul's lab) will submit 2 micropubs, 1) novel good alleles for known genes that were recovered from forward genetic screens (allele phenotype info) 2) Gal4 drivers mapping information
  • Karen and Daniela will have a meeting with Knudra this coming Thursday to get a submission from them


Data not shown

  • Focus on journals for which we have got the OK
  • Will send urls back to publishers when 'data not shown' will be published on micropublication biology

IWM Booklet

  • Aim on publishing 1500 booklets
  • Before the meeting we should advertise the project -and booklet- on WormBase: i)Blog post ii)Booklet Preview on the front page
  • How we can make it valuable? We will have a daily raffle- 20$ Amazon voucher/day for people that try to submit
  • for the raffle: 1) fake data -> 1 entry in the raffle 2) real data -> 100 entries in the raffle
  • no extra swag
  • we will have a banner
  • Todd will make the micropublications@wormbase.org account public


  • Todd will contact Erik M. Jorgensen for submission
  • focus on getting few more examples out and focus on high value

April 11 2017

Agenda and Minutes

  • Knudra interested in micropubs. From Chris: "..new null alleles for unc-18 that we are characterizing and would love to understand what phenotypic and genotypic observation would be worthy of micro-publication?"
    • Karen will set up a meeting with Knudra to evaluate what kind of metadata they want to provide. Daniela reached out to Mary Ann to get an .ace example for engineered allele curation.
  • IWM booklet -mock-up here: [[1]]
    • We need to add a slide on what micropubs are, maybe also a couple of blank pages (notepad style to allow people to take notes during the meeting). think of having an extra swag that we will give away if people come to the booth to give their e-mail address. Add an example of how to submit.
    • some ideas on swag here: https://www.4imprint.com/hot
    • Before the IWM we need to add a 'Micropublish' box on the WormBase homepage (linking out to the Micropublication:biology site), so it will be easy for users to get there.
  • Will talk Friday April 14th with Ruth, Tracey about Data not shown

April 4 2017

Agenda and Minutes

Tim's minipub

    • Tim will send a couple of corrections for the micropub text
    • Tim will send a reviewer suggestion
    • We will not request images mandatory for each micropub

GAL4 driver lines

  • ready to submit?
    • will give Paul a deadline for submission

Data not shown

  • ok to start contacting publishers to ask their policies?
    • Yes, we should start asking Elsevier and ping again GSA