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Anatomy function: Assigning functions to body parts (tissues, cells).


Curated types

Anatomy function is categorized by different experiment types.

  • Blastomere_isolation
 Author statement: "We combined two pairs of P2-EMS cells expressing mCherry::GPR-1 in an antiparallel orientation and found that ectopic P2-EMS contacts (contacts between non-sister P2-EMS cells) and endogenous P2-EMS contacts (contacts between sister P2-EMS cells) recruited indistinguishable levels of protein."(WBPaper00040172)
 Annotation: EMS(WBbt:0006876) is_sufficient_for_normal(Involved-Sufficient) protein subcellular localization variant(WBPhenotype:0000436)
 GO-CAM style annotation (planned): EMS(WBbt:0006876) positively_regulates GPR-1 cortical localization in P2
  • Expression_mosaic
 Author statement: "XXX cell-specific (eak-4 promoter driven) expression of EAK-7::GFP rescues the life span extension phenotype of eak-7;akt-1 mutants."(WBPaper00036472)
 Annotation: eak-7(WBGene00010671) in XXX cell(WBbt:0007855) is_sufficient_for_normal(Involved-sufficient) non-autonomously life span phenotype(WBPhenotype:0000039); experiment strain genotype "eak-7;akt-1;Ex[eak-4p::EAK-7::GFP]"
 GO-CAM style annotation (planned):