Alliance - migrating WormBase papers to Alliance ABC

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Agenda and Minutes

Wednesday, March 17th

  • Review process for generating Reference.json from WB
  • QC checks
      • WBPapers without a PubMed XML at the Alliance
        • Were all papers from WB included in the Reference.json?
      • Author clean-up
        • Author corresponding flag, add to #Affiliation so we can connect in Paper's Author tag ?
          • Author ?Author XREF Paper #Affiliation
          • ?Affiliation Affiliation_address UNIQUE Text
          • Person ?Person
          • Corresponding
        • is Affiliation_address being dumped for authors ? Data not in Caltech postgres (Affiliation in postgres tied to paper).
      • Duplicate PMIDs
  • WormBase vs Alliance release schedule
    • Corrections made in our Caltech postgres curation database now - how quickly can we get them to the Alliance?