Allele-sequence micropublications

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Allele-sequence micropublications

we can reuse the allele-sequence submission form

  • Under the General section, add the new field/question : Is this submission part of a micropublication [yes/no]

Should be mandatory. Should have green ? with explanation of what micropub is and a link to

Mary Ann will also implement the following changes:

  • Under the Sequence Data section.

Add Engineered_allele (after deletion + insertion) to Type of Alteration

  • Under the Origin section.

Add a new Field "Production Method" with "for engineered alleles" already entered the box if this is possible for a pull_down. If it's not possible then we need to add "for engineered alleles only" somewhere near that field.

Pull down should have CRISPR_Cas9 Homologous_recombination MosSci MosDEL NHEJ TALENs ZFNNHEJ_repair ZFNNHEJ_repair